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~.♥. Nyvia .♥.~
27 October 2008 @ 01:09 pm
Hello Everybody!

My name is Nyvia, I'm from Puerto Rico... HUGE Twilight, Harry Potter, Disney, Once Upon a Time, The Hunger Games, Orphan Black & The Lizzie Bennet Diaries fan. Music, reading, traveling, writing and movies are my passion!

Usually, I just write boring stuff but before adding me, please leave a comment here just letting me know why you are doing it.

I have met several of the Twilight Saga cast members (including Rob). The fan experience tag will take you to see the pics & stories of those events.

Take care!

- Bella Cullen PR

PS. Some of my entries are in Spanish because that is my first language!

PS #2. I'm a Mod of the following LJ Communities Join them Now:

werkdelusional For R&K Shippers.. yup I'm one of those people... Don't like it? GTFO!
swath_movie Dedicated to the upcoming film Snow White and the Huntsman
claflinfans For the fans of the British actor Sam Claflin
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